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Pairings That Require Brain Bleach
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Mind Bending Pairings for Fan Fiction
Welcome to the community of Pairings That Require Brain Bleach. This is modeled after the late and sorely missed ithurtsmybrain, among others like it.

The general way it works is --
- A call goes out for characters.
- The characters are tossed together into pairings.
- A call goes out for work based on these pairings.
- Get the Brain Bleach.

Rules for the Call For Characters.
Rules for the Call for Postings.
(A pointer to these will be added to each Call for Whatever.)

Works can be romantic or not; kid-friendly, smutty or anything in between; slashy, het, both or neither. Let your mind run free.

ALL WORKS POSTED HERE ARE OWNED BY THE POSTER. Posters assume any legal difficulties caused by their work. Nevertheless, no copyright, fraudulent intent, or libel is implied by any pairing or work created and/or posted here. This disclaimer brought to you buy the words: NO LAWSUIT.