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Fic: The Basement (Neverwhere/Dollhouse)

Title: The Basement
Author: entwashian
Pairing & Fandoms: Neverwhere - Marquis de Carabas / Dollhouse - Echo
Rating: PG
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: Human trafficking? But only a little bit, guys, I swear!
Word Count: 415
A/N: Pairing #18 from Round 6! Am I totally on the ball, or what?

( The Basement )

Fic: The Worst Kind of Womanizer

Title: The Worst Kind of Womanizer
Pairing & Fandoms: Hayley - Hard Candy / Vash the Stampede - Trigun
Rating: T
Summary: A bartender's comment sent Hayley after Vash- and she met such interesting people on the way.
Spoilers: Plenty for Trigun, some for Hard Candy
Warnings: It's not explicit, but Hayley does some rather nasty things with her knife...

Death first or pleasure?Collapse )


Round Seven -- Something New! (BYOP)

OK, Folks, time to shake things up a bit. For Round 7 -- BRING YOUR OWN PAIRINGS.

As comments here, list the cracked-out Brain Asploding pairings you've wanted to see.

You have until 23:59 EDT on April 18th, after which I'll make a summary post.

- NO LIMITS -- post as many pairings as you want

- Use the format Fandom - Character / Fandom - Character [ex. NCIS - Gibbs / Star Wars - Yoda]. Entries that fail to use this format risk being deleted. I am not kidding.

- NO using related fandoms, no matter how unrelated you wanna claim they are. NO using multiple "Final Fantasy" versions, NO using BtVS & Angel at once, NO using any Star Treks together, etc. Please don't argue that "They're not the same!" NO.

- NO pairing multiple real people, either.

ALL FICS GO IN SEPARATE POSTS. No comment fics to this post, please.

Have fun!

Round Six - Pairings List

Please remember the few rules for posting, mostly that there's no time limit, there's no "claims" to prompts, and you can write any kind of fic you want, but please give ratings and warnings and put behind a cut, if needed.

Here we go, round six!Collapse )

5 days left -- get your characters in!

Folks -- the Call for Characters closes in just a few days and we've only got about 125ish characters! That's only a bit more than 60 pairings!

If you haven't already submitted your characters, don't delay! Get them in! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your cat! Even he can submit 10 characters! Well, assuming he can type...

ETA Mar 24 00:53 EDT: Up to 200 prompts, folks! Keep 'em coming!

Round Six -- Call For Characters

THAT'S RIGHT FRIENDS -- we're not dead, we just play it on TV!

So bring out your characters. Please, it's been a while, so remind yourselves of the rules for the CFC, the most important of which is probably that you MUST format your characters as:

Fandom - Character

(ie. NCIS - Jethro Gibbs )

Your up-to-10 characters, from any fandom, should be placed as comments to this post. Improperly formatted entries may, at my discretion, be simply deleted though I'm more likely to just ask you to fix it.

Let's call the deadline 01:00 New York City time, March 28th.

PLEASE: Pimp This Comm & the call for characters!

Drabble: 42 by enigel (BSG/HHGttG)

Title: 42
Author: enigel
Pairing & Fandoms: Kara "Starbuck" Thrace - Battlestar Galactica (new) / Marvin - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Rating: Anyone (with a forgiving sense of humour...)
Spoilers: none
Warnings: I'm so, so sorry. It kind of wrote itself and reached 100 words, no more, no less; otherwise it would have had another ending.

...Collapse )

Sep. 29th, 2008

Title: The Uberwold Student Uprising
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms:  Angua- Discworld/Combeferre- Les Miserables
Rating: T
Spoilers:. Well, if you don't already know how the revolution in Les Mis turns out...and there are a few spoilers for Angua's backstory in The Fifth Elephant.
Warnings: Implied sex and (with one character) suggestions of incestuous motives.  Also, some jumping back and forth in time, so danger for the easily confused.
Summary: In the days before the collapse of the Empire, Vimes wasn't the only one to spend time behind the barricades...

Children of the barricades who didn't last the night...Collapse )

Fic: Six Word Stories

Partly inspired by a similar post on ithurtsmybrain, here are six word stories for several pairings (I may give them longer ones later on.)  All are PG-ish.

Sam Vimes (Discworld)/Derek Zoolander

Angua (Discworld)/Combeferre (Les Miserables)

Martha Jones (Doctor Who)/Mary Poppins

Miss Monneypenny (James Bond)/Remington Steele

Starbuck (New Battlestar Gallactica)/Santa Claus

Tom Servo (MST3K)/Toby (Sweeney Todd)


Title: Expectations
Author: TMOH
Pairing & Fandoms: Gattaca - Irene Cassini/Romeo and Juliet - Benvolio
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Warnings: AU, het, arranged marriage

Fic: Uninvited Characters

Title: Uninvited Characters
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms:  Christopher Marlowe- Real Person/ Veronica Sawyer- Heathers
Rating: PG, I guess
Spoilers:. Maybe a little, but not if you already know the premise of Heathers.
Warnings: .Probable historical innacuracy.

Title: A Nightmare
Author: canadian_plant
Pairing & Fandoms: Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA - The Colbert Report / Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Rating: PG for possible mild scariness
Spoilers: I'm going to say no.
Warnings: Some of the imagery might be a little frightening, but I don't think there will be any problems.

(The War On Christmas)

Round Five - PAIRINGS

Don't forget Da Rules - no claims, no genre/ratings/length/type restrictions, and please format your headers accordingly (please put adult stuff behind a cut).

And pimp us up! Only 69 pairings this time... (trying not to snicker like a 4th grader here (-: )

Round 5 Pairings!Collapse )

Drabble: Number Substitution

Title: Number Substitution
Author: faintheart
Pairing & Fandoms: Sesame Street - The Count / Numb3rs - Ian Edgerton
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Read more...Collapse )

Drabble: Interrogation

Title: Interrogation
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: Willow Rosenberg- Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Spanish Inquisition- Monty Python
Rating: G or PG
Spoilers: Eh, not if you know the premise of the Inquisition sketch
Warnings: (Very) mild mention of torture
Please remember the other rules for posting characters. (Please, go read them now and remind yourself of them!)


Please use the format of Fandom - Character Name (which is the reverse of the past).

Also, please !! do not number your list !!

for example

The Simpsons - Bart Simpson
Hawaii Five-O - Steve McGarrett

This makes things a lot easier when it comes to putting together & keeping up to date the list of already suggested characters (which is maintained at http://www.speakeasy.org/~infinimato/brain-list.txt).

Please pimp this comm and the call for characters! (and the call for writing stories and making art, too (-: .)

Lastly, I'm really sad that there have been NO takers for the round four pairings! Calls for stories & art never close, so it's never too late to write, or draw (or paint, or vid maybe?) some pairing that has caught your eye.

Looking forward to the insanity! Let's close this Call for Characters on Tuesday, July 8.

Round Four Pairings - the TV Characters!

Sorry for the hideous delay -- moved, started new job, got sick, all at once. Anyway

Please Remind Yourself Of The Rules of which there are few, mostly a) no claims [35 people can do the same prompt], b) a format for your headers, c) there's no time limit and d) that you can draw/write whatever you want, gen, romantic, smut, long, short, big, little, don't care. Just please label it.

Speaking of which, we have yet to see artwork here!

PLEASE Pimp this comm to folks! We have more people who want to read/see works than create them, and that makes a bit of a problem. :)

round four pairingsCollapse )

Please remember the other rules for posting characters. (Please, go read them now and remind yourself of them!)

New & Different Rules For This Round ONLY
- TV Characters only
- You may submit up to 20 (twenty) characters
- You may include up to 2 (two) "real people"

Most Important Rule: Please use the format Character name - Fandom when posting and DO NOT NUMBER your list.

for example

Montgomery Burns - The Simpsons
Joe Blow - From Idaho

This makes things a lot easier when it comes to putting together & keeping up to date the list of already suggested characters (which is maintained at http://www.speakeasy.org/~infinimato/brain-list.txt).

Please pimp this comm and the call for characters! (and the call for writing stories and making art, too (-: .)

Fic: an unlikely collision

Title: An Unlikely Collision
Author: Captain Oblivious
Pairing & Fandoms: 95. Jack Harkness - Doctor Who / Ted Kord - DCU
Rating: PG for the very existence of Jack Harkness.
Spoilers: I've seen half of Season 1 in Torchwood and I'm up to the latest in Booster Gold - vague references to recent events.
Warnings: None.

Traffic can be pretty bad in the time stream...Collapse )

SG Atlantis / MASH

Title: Three men walk into a city: A scientist, a soldier and a priest
Author: partofthequeue2
Pairing & Fandoms: Major Evan Lorne - Stargate Atlantis / Father Francis Mulcahy - M*A*S*H
Rating: G (gen, not slash).
Spoilers: Um, not really, apart from knowing who the two guys are.
Warnings: My lack of good ending...
There are a couple of things that people who don't watch the series' may be confused by, and where that is the case, I've put a link to a page that explains it.
Oh, and Tau'ri, are humans from Earth.

Summary: Atlantis gets it's first priest.

Three men walk into a cityCollapse )

Fic/Filk: Tango Ballad

Title: Tango Ballad
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: Moist Von Lipwig- Discworld/Jenny- The Threepenny Opera
Rating: T
Spoilers: Not really.
Warnings: Sexual innuendo.
For those of you unfamiliar with Jenny, this is the song this is based on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzB6Pf-jemo

Fic/Poem: Haiku in Space

Title: Haiku in Space
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: The Bride- Kill Bill/Galen Tyrol- Battlestar Gallactica
Rating: Mild PG-13
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Nothing much.

Note: A haiku is three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third.

Round Three Pairings

Ok, folks. First, a reminder to make sure to READ THE RULES. PLEASE make sure to follow the required headers. Remember that you can write anything from short goofy gen for kids to long explicit smut for adults and anything in between. You can write a haiku, a drabble, a short story, an epic novel or some gorgeous art. Let your mind run free!

Also remember there are NO CLAIMS. There will be 35 comments on this post saying, "Oooh! I want #153!" Well, 20 people can all write that prompt. The world needs more insanity. WORSE, maybe one or two of those people will actually write. I'm thinking about tracking down the people who claim they'll write a prompt and then don't, taunting them in their LJs until they cough it up :-P.

And now, the pairingsCollapse )

Come on folks, I dare you. MAKE MY BRAIN ASPLODE!

Pimpage: The Porn Battle V

While we're waiting for others to add to our list of characters [that's Jan 17th folks! Hurry, enter now, operators are standing by!] and our prompt generation, I'd like to encourage folks who like to write (and read!) adult fic to try out Porn Battle V.

The grand dame of the Porn Battle, oxoniensis, has been doing this twice yearly for a bit now, and they're great fun. The prompts are already in, and the fandoms are all over the place, as are some of the crossovers.

I strongly encourage you to take a look, if non-gen is your thing, of course. Some people write explicit fics, some people's writings just get your mind steaming.

To clarify:
Prompts here: http://battle.oxoniensis.org/battle5prompts.html
Specifically Crossover Prompts here: http://battle.oxoniensis.org/battle5prompts.html#Crossovers
Fics and comments go here: http://oxoniensis.livejournal.com/344051.html (PLEASE read the rules before posting or commenting on a fic, but if you do read, please do comment!)

And stay tuned for our own whacky crossovers, coming soon!

Adminy Whinings

- Have you pimped this comm or the Call for Characters lately? So far we have 170 entries -- that'll make 85 pairings -- but we can do more! Tell your friends, your loved ones, your enemies, the strangers on the street! The more, the merrier, the crazier!

Remember, deadline for entering characters is January 17th!

- Have you taken the poll yet? We have over 70 members of the comm and just over 20 seem to have taken it. Plus, you don't need to be a member of the comm to take it! So let me know what you think. Opinions wanted!

Let's go, folks! Get those little grey cells moving! And don't think I won't be pushing you to pimp once we have pairings, too :-).


Fic: Friends Like These

Title: Friends Like These
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: Jonathan Teatime- Hogfather/ Neville Longbottom - Harry Potter
Rating: PG or PG-13
Spoilers: Nope.
Warnings: It takes place in a school for Assassins, which should give you an idea.  Also, mild possible slash.

Ficlet and Photomanip

Title: The Ambiguous Antichrist
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: Violet - A Series of Unfortunate Events / Adam - Good Omens
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Not really.
Warnings: If the entire premise of Good Omens doesn't offend you, this won't either.

Admin Fu & A Poll

First -- I've cleaned up the tags. Almost all tags with no uses have been removed, and all entries on the comm should have appropriate tags.

Second - - please take the content poll!

Please take the poll!Collapse )


Sorry for the silence. My personal life ate the universe. In short, I got fired from a job I held for many years, and I've been working to put the planets back in alignment.

Anyway, back to the hilarity. Please remember the rules for posting characters. (Please, go read that now and remind yourself of them!)

MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Please use the format Character name - Fandom when posting.

for example Montgomery Burns - The Simpsons

This makes things a lot easier when it comes to putting together & keeping up to date the list of already suggested characters (which is maintained at http://www.speakeasy.org/~infinimato/brain-list.txt).

I also (un)humbly request that you PLEASE PIMP THIS COMM & the call for characters (&, when we have it, the call for stories, but I'll remind you of that again then (-: ).

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE and I look forward to your submissions!

ADDED NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT NUMBER YOUR ENTRIES. Come on, that's just more work for me. You may not think it's much, but when you have to edit up 50 or more entries, it gets wearing. Please, I'm begging, just character - fandom, ok??

A Normal Field Trip: Drabble

Title: A Normal Field Trip: Drabble
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: Arnold- The Magic Schoolbus/ Luna- Harry Potter
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Het, with pre-teen crushing