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Fic/Filk: Tango Ballad

Title: Tango Ballad
Author: dangerousdame
Pairing & Fandoms: Moist Von Lipwig- Discworld/Jenny- The Threepenny Opera
Rating: T
Spoilers: Not really.
Warnings: Sexual innuendo.
For those of you unfamiliar with Jenny, this is the song this is based on:

When I was known under another name
I made my living through the con man's game.
She called herself a "seamstress"- you know, one of those
Girls who make money taking off gentlemen's clothes.
She called me Albert.
The lies never hurt.
I let her share my profits as she'd please
She shared with me what she made on her knees
I'd pick the pockets of her midnight flings
She'd go and pawn my phony diamond rings.
From the Post Office, still I sometimes send
A letter to my Jenny, dear old friend.

I've often dreamed of vengance on the throng
Of all the people who have done me wrong.
But he was never cruel or callous like the rest.
When I was with him, that was when I felt my best.
It wasn't love we had,
But it wasn't bad.
Of course, there came some times he'd make me cross
I'd want to show him that I was the boss
I'd scream that he was just a lying cad
And that I'd find myself another lad.
From the Post Office, sometimes I still get
A letter from the man who was my pet.

We'd always known that those days had to end
But until we were parted, we'd pretend.

I'd take the mustaches and glasses off my face
And she'd take me into her warm embrace.
But things grew sour,
More so by the hour.

After one fight too many you were running loose.
Without me you found your neck in a noose.

You let me swing, the way I knew you would.
I didn't mind- you'd never said that you were good.

From the Post Office, still we sometimes share
Letters remembering our old affair.


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Feb. 4th, 2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
*snort* You are seriously smoking the good stuff today.
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